I am looking ford

I am looking ford to when we go to Australia . We have gone to Australia before we went to Melbourne it was fun but it was cold  . Then we went to gold coast  it was fun we went to wet and wild then sea world and movie world . We are going to Mooloolaba in sun shine coast I do not know what we are doing it is going to be fun it is near to the sea .We will go to the beach all the time .

Grey Wolves

The grey wolves are the biggest wolves in the world.


Wolves are 36 inches ( 91 cm ) and 175 pounds (79.4kg).  Wolves have a long bushy tail with a black tip on the end and pointy ears sticking up, sharp teeth to grab.


Wolves live everywhere in North America, Europe, Asia and North Africa. They live in woodland , forest , grassland and desert . A group of Wolves are called a pack .


Wolves can have up to 4 to 6 pups a year. They stay in their mother’s tummy for 63 days . The pups stay with their mother for 1 to 2 year then they go by themselves .Their eyes are closed for the first 4 weeks, there are 40 species . Wolves have no live mate. 


Wolves eat a lot and eat deer , bison , elk , moose , mountain goats . Wolves all so eat hares , beavers , birds and fish.   


Wolves have lots of hunting techniques the leader takes charge. The leader goes and grabs the sick animals and they get the herd on the run by spooking them

100 word Challenge

One day John and Alex was walking down the river and did not take notice of the sign . The sign said falling rocks then BANG a rock walls in front of them. Then Alex went in to the river and splash John was so scared he run down the river chasing him . He found a old man called Angus , he owned a boat John and Angus hoped in the boat . The old man chased Alex he found him a got back to hes old shed a next time they will look a all the sign so they have very fun .


One time I had to perseverance was when I was go to Australia for a holiday . We got to the airport I was very scared I had never gone over seas . We got in the airport I was very very scared it was because I do not like heights  and do not like planes . I hoped on the plane I did not want the window seat as we were taking of I was really really really scared , but as we got in the sky I was ok and had a good talk to the flight host .

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My Favorite childhood memory

My favorite memory was when I was 10 we went to the Chiefs play Highlanders in Dunedin . It was one of my birthday present all my family was support the Highlanders but not my and my mum. There was ten minutes leaved Chiefs were 17 to 31 I waved my flag as hard as I can . The Chiefs scored it was 24 to 31 5 minutes and BANG gets a break he is get chased down , he passed it and what a try . 2 minutes leaved 31 to 31 Highlanders all most score but Chiefs kick it out I was sad a bit but then I got a photo were Marty Mckenzie I was so happy.

hello world


My name is Flynn

I am from New Zealand I am 11 years old and live in North Otago on a farm.

My favorite sports are cricket , basketball , hockey and rugby. I have got in to the North Otago for rugby .

I like cats and cows

I like maths and I want to be a builder.

I have 1 brother, 2 sister and a mum and a dad.

I have 2 cats , 8 chickens and 2 pet cows.

My favorite food is sushi .

My favorite rugby team is chiefs and person is Damian Mckenzie.