My novel review

For my novel I was reading elephant in the garden. It is about elephant that lived in a garden for a couple of months and then they went to a farm. Then they went to the america army but they are geramy. The story was a good book by not my favourite book. To me to didn’t feel finished. My favourite character is peterbecause he is brave and advertnce. People that are 12 to13 should read it.An Elephant in the Garden by Michael Morpurgo


100 word challenge part 2

John had been stuck in the cave for three hours now. He couldn’t find his way out so he headed into the cave. There was more water has he walked to the other side of the cave. He had been in there for four hours and finally he saw a light. The light was coming from the roof. John jump up to the light. The light was coming from a  stone tower that his class had learnt about. He tried to climb to the top but couldn’t. He finally got to the top of the tower but couldn’t get down.

100 word challenge part 1

There was a boy named john who liked to walk around and in caves. He had only had one torch that he used. John had just found out that there was a cave he hasn’t walked into. The next day he headed off to the cave with his torch. He didn’t turn his torch on until it got dark. There was a flash of light, then, darkness. His torch was not working and there was more then one tunnel to get back out, but it was to dark to see. The sea was not going to get to him yet.

Favorite novel

My favorite novel is the book I read last year as a year 8. The novel was Alone on a wide wide sea. It is about a boy who has lost his parents in the war and  lost her sister as well .Then meets a new friend on his way to Australia. Once he has arrived, he works on a farm. Then he and his friend meets a lady who looks after animals. Then they move in to a city and has a job. Later on his daughter goes sailing to look for her dads sister. She does some research to try find were her dads sister is. She sails to England to look for her.

Holiday review

In term one holidays my family went to Dunedin. While we were in Dunedin we went shopping I got new shoes and a chiefs hat. Also we watched a movie that was interesting. My sister, dad and I head down to Tapanui. Once we go down there I stayed at my cousins for the night. When we got home my brother and I went motorbike riding down the river. My favorite parts of riding at the river is going they the water and open riding.

Term one review

This term for maths we did area, perimeter and volume. I feel like I have a betting understanding of volume. For P.E we have done a lot of game and my two favorites are nonstop cricket and bench ball. Nonstop cricket is when you hit the ball and you run, the bowler bowls it as soon as they get it. Youthtown comes out and we play games.

Writing we have done explanations what is when you explain your topic. For reading we have done sra cards and blogging. For tech we did art and made clocks. I have improved in my writing and giving myself more time to edit my work.

3 Things I would change

  1. First I would get rid of covid 19 so that we can travel to different country. Also that sport can go on and not get canceled. It would also impact the tours numbers for country that need it. It would help all the sick people.
  2.  To stop homeless people for being homeless by buy big house so that people can live in it and get them jobs.
  3. I would get rid of racism because it is mean and it divides people when people are the same.

10 facts about me.

  1. I am afraid of height but I what to be a builder
  2. I am good at motorbike riding                                     
  3. I am good at cricket and I play for North Otago an also a bowler
  4. My favorite bowler is Lockie Ferguson and batter is Colin Munro
  5. My favorite basketball player is Seth Curry
  6. My favorite rugby player is Damian Mckenzie
  7. I play touch and I am alright at it.
  8. I am good at math at school
  9. I support the chiefs in rugby                                             
  10. I ride my motorbike down near the river because there are a lot of track.

Growth mindset

A growth mindset it is important to my because I can’t give up when I am batting at cricket. I also need one at school when we are doing work and I don’t give up when it gets hard.  I need a growth mindset when I am riding on the trail ride. I also need one when I am playing all my sports that I am play this year. I had a growth mindset when we were doing the test at the start of the year because I didn’t know the answer but I kept trying until I got the answer.